haamed lazemi

frontend & backend developer

Basic information!

  • age:

    22 years old
  • languages:

    Persian & English
  • email:

  • live in:

    Tehran, Iran
  • fav. sport:

    Table Tennis

About me!

Hi,This is Haamed. I was born on October 17, 1998 in Tehran. When I was a child, I was interested in civil engineering, especially designing buildings and bridges, but gradually my interests changed to designing web pages.

When I was in middle school, about 15 years old, I start to do blogging and found a whole new world that interested me more than anything else. I pursued my interest to the point that I found what I really wanted to do, and I am so happy. I can develop highly secure services with high quality design without any CSS library or any special plugin. This method will help web pages load faster than usual ...


my CMS with powerful features, beautiful design and high secure

after I finished learning frontEnd I decided to learn backend. I chosen laravel because I thing it is powerful, easy and very secure & one of the best options is it is compatible with Vue.js completely.

finally I designed and developed my Content Management System. the services that you can have are diverse. and you can order what ever you need to be added as fast as possible.

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